Japanese WWII Camouflage – Hospital Ships

Hospital ships are not camouflaged. According to international conventions they are supposed to be distinctively painted, exhibit lights at night, and maintain a steady course. These conditions are expected to give them immunity from attack. Notification of their existence is to be made via diplomatic channels.The following sketches show the appearance of Japanese hospital ships … More Japanese WWII Camouflage – Hospital Ships

Unusual Camouflage

The US Navy developed a camouflage pattern based on small stripes. It seems to have been originally intended for small, fast, motor torpedo boats, usually called PT boats at the time. The French Cruiser GLOIRE was the largest ship to carry the pattern during the war. Recently I ran across a picture of an American … More Unusual Camouflage

Japanese Aircraft Carrier models.

I have several carrier models in my collection. Those that survived until later in the war did receive camouflage.  Several ships were converted into carriers , especially after the loss of the main carrier force at the battle of Midway. The conversions included remodeling passenger liners (Hiyo and Junyo) and converting former submarine or seaplane  … More Japanese Aircraft Carrier models.

My models – Barnegat class small seaplane tenders

One central idea that ran through my entire collection was that each model represented a specific ship.  I tried to make every model appear as the original ship by painting them in the actual camouflage patterns they carried and modifying their armament, and sometimes other equipment, to match what was actually fitted at the time … More My models – Barnegat class small seaplane tenders