Amateur Spy

I did a lot of things during my years in the military. One of them was collecting Intelligence. The US Navy Office of Naval Intelligence had a standardized program for having ships submit items that might have some intelligence value. During one tour of duty with the US Sixth Fleet in the Mediterranean I ran … More Amateur Spy

My Uncle Raymond

My father was the youngest of 8 children. Both his parents died before I was born. I don’t remember him talking a lot about his siblings. That may be one reason why I got into genealogical research. This week I found something interesting about my fathers’ brother, Raymond. Raymond was about 12 years older. I … More My Uncle Raymond

Because I Say So.

I did not get along well with the Captain of the Nantahala. There were probably a few others who also suffered as I did. But I thought that he reserved his worst for me because I was Jewish.  This is an example from when we were assigned to the Sixth Fleet in the Mediterranean. The … More Because I Say So.

A Collission!

In a previous post I told about being aground because of the captain/ This time there was some damage, but no one was hurt. It was also purely the fault of the captain, and no one else. The story started with our ship being one of two oilers supporting combined exercises between the US Navy … More A Collission!

Acting Department Head

    ships are organized around functional duties of the crew. Some are seamen and handle mooring lines and anchors.  Others deal with propulsion, food, navigation, and so on.  The Navy groups these functions into departments. The senior officer in each is the department head.  When I was administrative assistant to the executive officer I … More Acting Department Head