Japanese WWII Camouflage – Hospital Ships

Hospital ships are not camouflaged. According to international conventions they are supposed to be distinctively painted, exhibit lights at night, and maintain a steady course. These conditions are expected to give them immunity from attack. Notification of their existence is to be made via diplomatic channels.The following sketches show the appearance of Japanese hospital ships … More Japanese WWII Camouflage – Hospital Ships

Japanese WWII Camouflage – Updates and Additions

Corona virus has given me time to review some data I’ve collected in the 2 years since I posted my original series on Japanese WWII camouflage. Those posts were the ones that attracted more viewers than any others. In the post on concealment I left out heavy cruisers TAKAO and MYOKO. They were hiding in … More Japanese WWII Camouflage – Updates and Additions

Japanese Warship Camouflage – 1945 Concealment

At the end of World War 2 The Japanese Navy tried a new approach to Camouflage. America was threatening to invade the home islands and the Japanese tried to preserve what remained of their fleet for use in a last ditch effort to thwart the upcoming invasion. Warships were scattered about the inland sea near … More Japanese Warship Camouflage – 1945 Concealment

Japanese Aircraft Carrier models.

I have several carrier models in my collection. Those that survived until later in the war did receive camouflage.  Several ships were converted into carriers , especially after the loss of the main carrier force at the battle of Midway. The conversions included remodeling passenger liners (Hiyo and Junyo) and converting former submarine or seaplane  … More Japanese Aircraft Carrier models.