My Models

I have a large collection of model ships. At one time it numbered over 6000 ships and an additional 3000 aircraft. All in the same scale, 1:1200 for American or British made models,and 1:1250 for models made in elsewhere in Europe. This section includes examples from my collection. The lead picture is of a model of USS Cyclops – a collier. The model was made by Saratoga Model Shipyards (SMY) and I repainted it in a camouflage pattern that the ship actually carried in the First World War. I repaint a lot of my models in camouflage colors to match patterns the ship actually carried.

Some viewers have made constructive comments about my photography. I’m well aware that my skills are limited in this area,and the comments were very welcome. When the weather gets better I’ll be setting up an outdoor studio to try some of the suggestions I’ve received. Watch for updates in this section.