Portugese ship Camouflage in WWI

Portugal WWI camouflage

I wrote about Brazilian ship camouflage in an earlier post. It seemed natural to follow it with something about Portugal because the 2 countries share a common language. There is even a special term form people who speak Portuguese. They are called lusophones. Prior to the outbreak of war Portugal had arguments with Germany over the borders between their colonies in Africa. These disagreements did not result in a declaration of war, but apparently did sometimes involve armed confrontations. The Portuguese were in close contact with the British, but refrained from hostile action until February, 1916. At that time the Portuguese Navy seized some 72 German owned ships that had taken refuge in what was assumed to be a neutral port. Germany responded by declaring war on Portugal.
As a belligerent, Portugal sent a small expeditionary corps to serve on the western front with the British Army. Their navy was almost insignificant. But some Portuguese ships do appear in contemporary photos sporting a camouflage coat. Here are a few examples.
First is the destroyer Guadiana.

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This is the Quelimane, formerly the German Kronprinz. It was taken over in Mozambique for use as a hospital ship.

quelimane protugal ex-kronprinz .momentosdehistoria.com 17092011142_Quelimane

Here we have the naval auxiliary transport San Miguel.

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San Miguel

And finally, we see a gunboat of the Biera class. In camouflage