Italian ship camouflage in World War I


While I was researching material for my book about US ship camouflage in WWI, The Easter Egg Fleet, I found a lot of items that weren’t directly pertinent. One example is the camouflage patterns created for Italian ships. The patterns are extremely imaginative and utilize multiple colors and shapes..  Here a few examples with photographs of the ships and a contemporary colored drawing showing the pattern used on each side:

An Italian passenger liner named America using black, white, yellow, green, #1 blue, #3 blue and grey.




Three tankers from the Ansaldo shipping company:

The first is painted in white, #1 grey, light green, dark brown, and medium brown.





The second is painted in black, grey, green, white, brown, light blue and reddish brown.



The last is painted in black, white, #3 grey, #4 grey, #3 pink, and #2 grey-green38.156.4.Ansaldo1.03


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