After the Storm

The snow was very wet snow. It accumulated on the branches of our trees. Soon, the weight was more than they could bear. One after another, branches gave way. Some broke off completely, Others simply fractured and dropped until either the snow fell off or they hit something that could help support the load. Our … More After the Storm

Yemen – Thinking About a Different Part of the Middle East.

In the USA there has been a lot of talk about how newly inaugurated President Biden will deal with his campaign promise to rejoin a diplomatic deal to keep Iran from having nuclear weapons. I decided to throw out a few thoughts about this and see what some of you who read my blog might … More Yemen – Thinking About a Different Part of the Middle East.

A Busy Two Weeks

My Eater Egg Fleet Book has been taking up most of my time recently. It will be officially released on November 1st. But that isn’t all I’ve been doing. I put in a lot of time on planning and preparing for a new book about my family (fathers side). I’ve had my regular chores: laundry, … More A Busy Two Weeks

Keeping Busy

I just noticed how long it has been since I put up a new post. There are lots of reasons. The main one is that I’ve been very busy. I finally got a finished version of my Easter Egg Fleet book and sent it to the printers. The proof version came back and I discovered … More Keeping Busy