After the Storm

The snow was very wet snow. It accumulated on the branches of our trees. Soon, the weight was more than they could bear. One after another, branches gave way. Some broke off completely, Others simply fractured and dropped until either the snow fell off or they hit something that could help support the load. Our … More After the Storm

My Uncle Raymond

My father was the youngest of 8 children. Both his parents died before I was born. I don’t remember him talking a lot about his siblings. That may be one reason why I got into genealogical research. This week I found something interesting about my fathers’ brother, Raymond. Raymond was about 12 years older. I … More My Uncle Raymond

Corona Exercise

Being under house arrest has limitations. Essentially, as a retiree in the section of the population considered at high risk. that is my situation. But even prisoners need some kind of exercise. There are both physical and mental challenges to help keep us in shape. I regularly find myself doing sudoku puzzles and mini crosswords, … More Corona Exercise

On-Line Groceries

One of the ways we avoid extensive contact with the outside world is by ordering our groceries for home delivery. We have two places we order from. One is our local small food store. We order from them by phone, and they deliver it almost immediately. The other is a large chain store supermarket that … More On-Line Groceries

Dog Hair! Yucchh!

My wife took out the vacuum cleaner to clean our living room rug this morning. We have a Shark brand cleaner. It says it never loses suction or power. But that wasn’t her experience today. She could see the machine was not picking up anything from the rug. The built in container for dirt is … More Dog Hair! Yucchh!

A New Toy

My children all got together and bought me a special present for my last birthday, a 3D printer. Of course I had to make room to place it next to my computer. We bought another small table. I assembled the table and put it in between the old computer table and a little book case. … More A New Toy