About Equity

Equity is a new buzzword being used to introduce restrictions on what Americans can read or memorialize. This is a picture of Charleston, SC, taken in 1865. Charleston was where my family lived during the Civil War. The damage was caused by federal forces that laid siege to Charleston from 1863.and is was why my … More About Equity

Thinking Back

.That terrific storm is now just a memory. I look out the window and there is little to remember of the actual storm. Our acacia tree is gone. All the broken branches have been taken away. The snow has all melted. Most of the water has either evaporated or flowed away. It brings to mind … More Thinking Back

After the Storm

The snow was very wet snow. It accumulated on the branches of our trees. Soon, the weight was more than they could bear. One after another, branches gave way. Some broke off completely, Others simply fractured and dropped until either the snow fell off or they hit something that could help support the load. Our … More After the Storm


It started last night, I haven’t seen snow this deep for several years. We usually only get snow about once a year.Even then. it usually melts within 24 hours. Not this time! We have about 5 inches in the yard. Deep enough so that I can see our smaller dog go by because his tail … More Snow!!

The End of A Tunnel – A Corona of Light

The Israeli Government has just announced another update to our current lock down status. All restrictions are to be lifted by March 9th (if there is no deterioration in infection rates etc.). The entire country, indeed, the entire world, has been through ups and downs, closures and relaxations, and other restrictions for almost a full … More The End of A Tunnel – A Corona of Light

Yemen – Thinking About a Different Part of the Middle East.

In the USA there has been a lot of talk about how newly inaugurated President Biden will deal with his campaign promise to rejoin a diplomatic deal to keep Iran from having nuclear weapons. I decided to throw out a few thoughts about this and see what some of you who read my blog might … More Yemen – Thinking About a Different Part of the Middle East.