Remembering WWII

  Monday and Tuesday of this week were special days. Israel made them days of remembrance for the victory of the allies over Nazi Germany. in israel, the date follows the Russian custom of celebration on 9 May, but this year 9 My was Israel Independence day, so the V-E day programs were delayed. On … More Remembering WWII

Holiday’s Over

This year our Passover holiday was very busy. We went to a hotel. Our older son and his family joined us for the first two days. The next day our older daughter came with most of her family/. The day after that we went into Jerusalem to meet a close friend.  We went to see … More Holiday’s Over

Horsetrader Time

The official  results of the Israeli elections are now in. Benyamin Netanyahu’s Likud party won the most seats, but only just barely. What did happen is that the smaller parties that can form  coalition government with the Likud party won enough seat for Netanyahu to comfortably for a coalition. The various smaller factions that will … More Horsetrader Time

Ready? Set? Vote!

This coming Tuesday is election day in Israel. Its a close contest between the two leading parties.  Both are hovering, according to the pollsters, at around 30 seats each.  Since they need a majority of the 120 seat Knesset that means a coalition with one or more smaller parties.  Most of the smaller parties are … More Ready? Set? Vote!