Bomb, Bomb, Who’s got the Bomb?

Despite the declarations and posturing, the United States is NOT preventing Iran from making a nuclear weapon. The Mullahs have increased their level of making weapon quality Uranium (much more concentrated than what is needed for civilian applications) and current estimates are that Iran already has enough to manufacture at least 2 nuclear weapons. Having … More Bomb, Bomb, Who’s got the Bomb?

A Sincere Thank You

When an apartment building in Florida collapsed Israel sent a rescue team to help find survivors. Recently, a 15 man team from the Miami-Dade County Fire and Rescue came to Israel to meet with the Israelis who had come to their aid, and to spend a little time training and discussing rescue and search techniques. … More A Sincere Thank You

A Friend Visits

Many years ago I was a better than average chess player. When I was in the Israeli Navy I was the Navy Champion for the years 1973-76 and came in third in 1978. As you can see, that was a long time ago. After I was released from the Navy We moved to our present … More A Friend Visits

The Best Nest

Housing prices in Israel, where we live, have risen by a large percentage this past year. It’s probably not just a local phenomenon. The COVID pandemic has resulted in prices for materials going up. Also labor costs have risen. The de facto failure of the Palestinian Authority to implement any unified vaccination program means that … More The Best Nest

An Inner Voice

This week the section called Lech Lecha ( literally: Go to/for yourself) is read in Jewish Synagogues. For those of you who might not be familiar with the Old Testament, It’s the third section from the start and deals with the Lord telling Abraham to leave his former home and go to Canaan. Canaan, of … More An Inner Voice

Amateur Spy

I did a lot of things during my years in the military. One of them was collecting Intelligence. The US Navy Office of Naval Intelligence had a standardized program for having ships submit items that might have some intelligence value. During one tour of duty with the US Sixth Fleet in the Mediterranean I ran … More Amateur Spy