Proof Reading

Once again, there has been a long break between posts. This time it was because I have been so involved in getting my new book ready for release. the major cause for delay has been discovering a number of things that my regular spelling and grammar checker did not find. Here are a few examples: … More Proof Reading

One More Tiny Step

In his new book Jared Kushner claims that separating the Territorial dispute from the Jerusalem issue was a key element leading to the Abraham Accords. Too bad he didn’t take his thinking one step further and also break the refugee issue away from the territorial dispute. The whole world (including the Arabs) knows that the … More One More Tiny Step

Local Tensions

It seemed to have started with the Israeli Defense Forces arresting the local head of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) in Jenin. That was on Thursday. The PIJ is a pseudo-political Islamist terror group based mostly in the Gaza strip. They immediately demanded the release of their leader, and backed it up with threats of … More Local Tensions