Gambling with Lives

I posted yesterday morning. In the afternoon I went to the Israeli Knesset for the program marking the defeat of Nazi Germany. While waiting for the program to begin I spoke with the Belgian Ambassador to Israel. I mentioned much of what I had posted during our conversation. Then we entered the main hall. After … More Gambling with Lives


According to my dictionary a busybody is someone who is officious and inquisitive. This applies especially to those who are involved in matters that aren’t really their concern. There are two organizations that earned this appellation from me this week. The US Government and the United Nations High Commissioner on Refugees. Here’s how. Those who … More Busybodies!

Is It Really Over?

Benyamin Netanyahu failed to form a new Israeli Government. Now his rival, Yair Lapid, gets a chance. I hope he succeeds. The country has suffered while Netanyahu did everything to remain in power (and out of prison) for a long time. Now he is focusing his attention on foiling Lapid. Of course, doing so means … More Is It Really Over?

Winds of War?

The Easter and Passover holidays have now passed. The New York Times tells us that the Biden administration is having meaningful talks with the Iranian regime over the nuclear weapons issue. And in Israel, there is still no sign of agreement on a new government coalition. The one item that I feel stands out in … More Winds of War?

Still Waiting for Change.

Israeli elections didn’t make a big difference. Neither the pro-Netanyahu nor the Anti-Netanyahu groups have a clear majority. Now we all wait while the politicians try to make deals to form a coalition government. If they can’t do it in the next 4 weeks, we’ll probably have another election. What a waste!  

Shades of 1933

Adolf Hitler became a totalitarian dictator in Germany in 1933. He did it without violating any democratic laws then in force in that country. He managed it stages. Each stage involved eliminating some freedom or disposing of some political opponent. America, today, reminds me of his moves to power. The “Democratic Party” in the USA, … More Shades of 1933