A Very Thirsty Bird (or Birds)

We live in a small cottage with a large yard. There are several trees and an area covered with grass We have a drip and sprinkler irrigation system to provide water for that area because there is NO rain here in the summer months. This means that the birds also need a separate source of water. We do keep a full bowl of water outside for our two dogs. When they are not close by, other creatures may come to drink. This includes our neighbors cat and, of course, any birds brave enough to come to the bowl.

The sprinklers run for only a short period. The water lines that connect them, and the drip system, were all buried. Over time some sections have become exposed. One such section runs between two of our pine trees at the back of the house. When I took the dogs out for their early morning walk around the yard I noticed the ground was very wet near that section. two days later I took the dogs out earlier. The drip system was still working. I saw a fountain of spraying water there. After turning off the water I made a closer inspection. There was a large hole in the water line. It was more than 2mm in diameter. There are several kinds of birds that we see on a regular basis. The sparrows and bulbul are too small to have made that hole. It also looks too big for the doves to have caused it. But we also see Ravens. They are much larger, and are the most likely perpetrator.

Some time ago I spoke with some line repairmen from the telephone company. They told me that they have often been called upon to replace lines that the birds have pecked. The lines are not as likely a target as the water lines. one of our friends mentioned that the dark brown, or black, color of the water line might make the birds mistake it for a plant root. Roots carry moisture just below the surface, An exposed root is like a public water fountain for birds. The next time our gardeners come by they will replace the damaged section. If possible, they will also bury it to protect it from the beaks of our neighborhood flying friends.

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