Shades of 1933

Adolf Hitler became a totalitarian dictator in Germany in 1933. He did it without violating any democratic laws then in force in that country. He managed it stages. Each stage involved eliminating some freedom or disposing of some political opponent. America, today, reminds me of his moves to power. The “Democratic Party” in the USA, and their supporters, are busily setting the stage for limiting some freedom that Americans have enjoyed for decades. They talk about “equity” while they practice elimination of equality under the law. Some individuals are not prosecuted, and their offenses not publicized, while others, from a different background, are are. Censorship is supported for terms deemed offensive to some particular groups. The terms being censored are being extended to cover items and symbols that represent parts of Americas history and heritage. I find it all very disturbing.

Here are a few examples:

The BLM movement demonstrations resulted in serious rioting and looting in several cities and states. The single demonstration that has been highlighted is the one in Washington, DC. There, the individuals who have been prosecuted are given prominent coverage for the crimes they committed (and linked to the opposition party who is being blamed for their behavior) while indictments and arrests for anyone associated with violations during the BLM associated demonstrations appear to be exempted. They are characterized as fringe elements not associated with BLM, while the main body is described as conducting a “peaceful demonstration”. From viewing videos of both events I am unable to see how one could arrive at such a conclusion. The capitol was not burned and large groups of people did not carry of ‘souvenirs’ in DC. The exact opposite was true in the other cases. The Democrats even went to the trouble of staging a show trial impeachment of former President Trump. Looked like just another way of putting down political opponents to me.

My forefathers came to the USA in 1840. They became citizens and were allowed to vote in elections. Slaves, on the other hand, were wrongly considered to be property, not people. In the 1850 and 1860 US Censuses they were listed as numbers without names in a separate “slave schedule”. Dehumanizing? Absolutely! But why does that mean that today, over 150 years later, all Americans must obliterate all memory of leaders of the Confederacy? My forefathers were not slave owners. My Great great Grandfather and his brothers fought for the South. They did so to protect their own homes. The war was not only about slavery. This picture shows what the Federal forces did to the city of Charleston, SC where my family had settled.

The Union Army landed at Port Royal in 1862 and moved south to take Charleston, When unable to cross the Cooper River, they simply bombarded the city, then home to some 40,000 people, for the next three years. Yes, the war was about slavery. But that wasn’t all. The Confederate Generals whose statues and memorials are being vandalized or removed were honored for being military heroes, not slave owners. And I would add that they are AMERICAN military heroes.

Next example: Books and movies: Why has this counter-culture wave resulted in banning classics of Children’s literature by Dr Seuss? and movies like Dumbo? and games like Mr Potatohead? Why do we need a special BLACK History Month? Do we grant such preferential treatment to Latinos, or Asians, or Swedes? Perhaps we should. But singling out Blacks for special treatment like this is, in my eyes, not much removed from singling them out for negative discrimination. The operative word is Equality. And they are not the only ones who deserve it.

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