About Equity

Equity is a new buzzword being used to introduce restrictions on what Americans can read or memorialize.

This is a picture of Charleston, SC, taken in 1865. Charleston was where my family lived during the Civil War.

The damage was caused by federal forces that laid siege to Charleston from 1863.and is was why my great grandfather and his brothers fought for the Confederacy.

They were not slave owners. They were trying to protect their own, and neighbors, homes.

The generals who led the Confederate Army did include some slaveholders, but the statues and memorials erected to them are primarily because of their military achievements, not because they owned slaves.

Those people that are acting to erase these memories of what America was are not destroying racism, they are destroying a common heritage that belongs to ALL Americans.

Racism was evil, but everyone, no matter what religion, race, gender, or ethnic identity, needs to accept that this is also part of what America was, and is. Banning books and removing memorials because someone is overly sensitive and may be offended just makes someone else offended. It does not contribute to bringing an end to the problem.

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