It started last night, I haven’t seen snow this deep for several years. We usually only get snow about once a year.Even then. it usually melts within 24 hours. Not this time! We have about 5 inches in the yard. Deep enough so that I can see our smaller dog go by because his tail sticks up.The trees really suffered from the combination of heavy, wet, snow and strong winds. There are broken branches on all sides of the house. The Acacia in front is so weighted down that the drooping branches block us from leaving the front porch. I cannot get past it to reach the shed where our shovel is stored. I should have taken it out yesterday. Now I don’t know when I’ll be able to get it.The forecast is for another round of snow tonight. We only lost electricity 4 times so far. Each time was only for a few minutes. But the snow stuck to our satellite dish and disrupted TV reception for most of the night, The expected temperatures are still low, so the white stuff may be around for more than a day or two. Glad we ran some errands yesterday morning. We certainly can’t go out now. The main road to Jerusalem was closed when the snow began and is scheduled to reopen soon. It will probably be shut again this evening. A lot of Israelis living near the coast are anxious to drive up to the mountains to see the snow. They think it’s a real treat. I came from America, where snow is more common. I’d be happy for them to take a lot of this white stuff away, My chief consolation comes from an old saying:”This, too, shall pass”.

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