Corona Virus – House Arrest

My wife and I are both retirees, As such we are members of the most vulnerable part of the population. So we take the self quarantine orders seriously. The interesting thing about that is that , for us, it entails remarkably little inconvenience. We keep each other company, and we have our 2 dogs. Our normal routine involves taking the dogs out for a runaround our yard. We live in a separate cottage with a fenced in yard. That provides for a minimal amount of physical exercise. Our pensions provide us with the same regular income we had before the pandemic crisis.  Our children (and grandchildren) have also been able to manage without any severe problems. This is something I thank the Lord for in my regular morning prayers.

I was old enough to have some memories of when I had scarlet fever and the whole two story house was quarantined. I was moved to a tiny room under the staircase. I had a bed, a ot of pillows, and some stuffed toys. I remember building pillow forts and defending them against attacks by imaginary German and Japanese attackers. World War Two had just ended. I was given a fold-able easel blackboard and chalk for drawing. At mealtimes the easel became a table for me to eat from. I read voraciously. My cousin had a full set of Edgar Rice Burrows Tarzan series. I read them all. There were also some books about wartime children’s hero Dave Dawson and a few Hardy Boys mysteries.

We both read during the current crisis. I fiddle with my model ship collection. My wife sewed herself a new blouse, and is now working on a quilt for one of our granddaughters. We also have television, computers (internet) and various kinds of telephones to keep us in contact with the outside world. The TV News seems preoccupied with COVID19 stories. I suppose that’s natural. The whole world is preoccupied with the virus. My own expectations are that it will begin to disappear after 3-4 months. But that doesn’t mean a return to “normal”. So we keep following the recommendations of our public health officials, and continue to wait it out at home.


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