Horsetrader Time

The official  results of the Israeli elections are now in. Benyamin Netanyahu’s Likud party won the most seats, but only just barely. What did happen is that the smaller parties that can form  coalition government with the Likud party won enough seat for Netanyahu to comfortably for a coalition. The various smaller factions that will join in have from 4 to 7 seats each. Even a party with only 4 seats in the Knesset can drive a hard bargain for joining in. The conditions for making a complete coalition agreement may take several weeks o negotiations to work out, It involves ALL the parties to commit to supporting conditions required by the others. Those conditions may be support for (or against) certain proposed legislation. It may also include appointments to particular cabinet positions. The incumbent ministers of Education and Justice failed to win the minimum number of votes to gain seats in the Knesset, so those jobs are available to be offered to other parties (or be given to lower ranked Likud members). It will be interesting to see what they finally come up with.

Meanwhile, the Israeli attempt to put an object on the moon ended with the landing module crashing. It was/is notable for two things: It was done at a cost much lower than any of the three world powers{USA, Russia, and China) who have done it successfully; and it exemplified the slogan it carried “ISRAEL, Little Country, Big Dreams”




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