Early RN Fleet Air Arm in My Collection


the Royal Navy introduced aircraft during the First World War. Some early seaplanes operated from tenders like HMS Engadine. The seaplanes were hoisted from the ship and placed in the water, After landing they could be lifted back on board. The photos show several Short 184 large torpedo carrying seaplanes on their mother ships. HMS Campania was one of the largest, She also had a short flying off deck forward where a Sopwith pup fighter was carried. There was no place for the fighter to land after taking off. HMS Furious originally had a similar arrangement, but was later fitted with  landing deck aft, There were narrow connections between the landing deck and the flying off platform so aircraft could be moved between them.  HMS Argus was a true full deck aircraft carrier with a single, longer, flight deck that could be used for both launch and recovery of aircraft. To complete the picture story, the Royal Navy also employed lighter than air craft to help search for U-boats. The cover picture shows SSZ 37, a smaller, non-rigid, sea scout that was used for such patrols.

HMS Engadine s - Navis 185
HMS Engadine s – Navis 185
HMS Campania s Navia
HMS Campania p Navis
HMS Furious p Navia
HMS Furious s Navis
HMS Argus stbd Navis
HMS Argus stbd Navis
HMS Argus port Navis
HMS Argus port Navis



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