Some Examples of British WWI Dazzle Camouflage

Dazzle camouflage was developed to help protect  merchant ships from U-boat attacks. Here are a couple of examples of patterns that were applied to Q-ships. Q-ships were commissioned warships that were resigned to look like merchant vessels. The submarine would be tempted to come to the surface in order to complete destroying its prey without wasting another valuable torpedo from the limited number of those weapons the U-boat carried. The two examples shown here are of Anchusa class sloops, First there is a photograph of the ship. Below that is a a pattern of the camouflage in color. Patterns were made for types of merchant ship profiles and several designs were made for each type.


HMS Polyanthus p Lenton p47
HMS Polyanthus in dazzle
British Dazzle Camouflage Type 6 design C
HMS Ceanothus s Lenton p45
HMS Ceanothus in dazzle
Bitish Dazzle Camouflage Type 1 design A

Note that Ceanothus does not strictly follow the pattern.




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