Japanese WW II Camouflage – carrier decks

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As the war came closer to a conclusion the Japanese were running out of aircraft carriers, and trained pilots. The Navy ministry decided to design some camouflage for the decks of aircraft carriers with the hope that some of these vital ships might survive to be used in a final decisive battle. The designs were printed in the US Navy Technical Mission Report, section X-32 on ship camouflage. Colors, once again, became a problem. The report is printed in black and white, so the verbal description of the colors used is still open to some interpretation. It is certain, however, that the deck patterns, except for the army assault ship AKITSU MARU were not done in shades of black, grey, and white. Other aspects of Japanese WW II ship camouflage have ben dealt with in other posts on this site.

Here are some of the patterns.

akitsu maru deck photoakitsu maru deckryuho DECKchiyodaChitose deckzuikaku decals 2400

cve unyocve chuyo

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